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Chef Junno Li

Chef Junno Li started his culinary career in China at the young age of 19 where he gained experience in Cantonese, Sichuan and Shanghai kitchens under the guidance of a master chef who specialised in these areas, as well as the intricate art of fruit and vegetable carving and display. After proving his culinary expertise, Junno’s skills were recognised with his first gold award in 2005 at the Guangdong Jiangmen Food Festival. Chef Junno now heads Aqua Restaurant Group's inventive kitchen at The Chinese Library and brings a compendium of Hong Kong’s favourite Chinese dishes to the heart of Central in Tai Kwun. His expert culinary skills and artistic prowess are showcased in classic dishes.

Omakase by Chef Junno Li

Committed to always elevating The Chinese Library’s offerings to new heights, Executive Chef Junno Li has crafted an exclusive eight-course Chinese Omakase menu, showcasing modern cooking techniques derived from the amalgamation of traditional cooking methods from various regional cuisines. Guests can enjoy Chef Li’s signature Braised Sea Cucumber. The dish is the culmination of Chef Li’s years of culinary experience and involves various cooking techniques that are reflected in its components such as the Sichuan-style braised sea cucumber, handmade Cantonese shrimp paste and Japanese tempura. This bespoke omakase menu features appetisers, soup, main courses and dessert, putting Chef Junno’s exceptional culinary creativity and skills on full display.

$1,307.00 八道菜菜單 (每位)8-course Menu (per head)
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Part of the trilogy of landmark locations by Aqua Restaurant Group at Tai Kwun, The Chinese Library sits in the East Wing of the beautifully transformed 170-year-old Central Police Headquarters building. Conceived by Group founder David Yeo and brought to life by local design group AB Concept, the restaurant showcases Hong Kong’s favourite Chinese dishes drawn from the diverse regional Chinese cuisines which have gone to make up the city’s unique culinary heritage. The restaurant’s dishes range from Cantonese to Chiu Chow and Sichuan to Shanghainese, with the very traditional alongside some more inventive dishes enhanced with the unique contemporary twist that the Aqua Restaurant Group is famed for. All of it served in stunningly revitalized surroundings.

Restaurant Address:1/F, Block 1, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Restaurant Tel: 2848 3088
Restaurant Website:
The Chinese Library是Aqua Restaurant Group設於香港「大館」的三間地標餐飲場地之一,位於大樓東翼。「大館」前身為已有170年歷史的法定古蹟中區警署。The Chinese Library由集團創辦人David Yeo構思,並由著名設計公司AB Concept賦予活力,呈獻城中最受歡迎的美饌,展現香港獨特飲食文化背後的中國各大菜系精髓。一系列佳餚網羅粵菜、潮州菜,以至四川和上海菜,同時體現傳統風格及Aqua Restaurant Group賴以著稱的當代創意元素。精心活化的用餐環境,洋溢濃厚的殖民地色彩。

餐廳電話:2848 3088