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Chef Ronald Shao

Renowned Chef Ronald Shao, with over 40 years of experience in Chinese cooking including Cantonese, Szechuan, and Shanghai cuisines has worked his way into hotels from different countries and major cities around the world including Taj Mahal Hotel in New Dehli, Sands Hotel in Saudi Arabia, Aloha Hotel in Manila, St Regis in Singapore, The Grand Lisboa in Macau and various of restaurants and hotels in China and Hong Kong, and with his recent experience in HK Jockey Club as Executive Chef. With his extensive experience and background from the Chinese kitchen, he is perfectly poised to take on the next chapter and continue his magic throughout his culinary journey with MIÁN .

The Legacy MIAN

MIÁN, the heart of Hong Kong inside The Murray, has joined Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival - Chinese Omakase by Masterchefs 2.0. The Legacy MIAN menu serves classic Chinese with modern revolution elements by renowned chef Ronald Shao. With an 8-courses menu, from the moment you stepped in to throw back the culinary discourse; “Heritage in Gourmet” has permeated not just specific one or two dishes but the entire dining experience. Inheritance has made “ Braised Wild Yellow Croaker Meat Ball in Celtuce Broth ” and “ Braised Pork Belly (Dongpo Pork), Mian Style ” impossible to resist for every diner.
$1,408.00 八道菜菜單 (每位)8-course Menu (per head)
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MIAN embraces the meaningful legacy of this cultural site – The Murray HK, and infuse it into the food menu. Our Chefs have mastered the profound Chinese culinary heritage to bring out the ultimate “freshness” from the best ingredients available. MIÁN team believes in “Only savour those in season”, therefore, we are determined to present our diners the finest local produces, prepared and cooked with the best techniques, and serving it to allow our customers to consume at the right time. MIÁN integrates the essence of the eight major Chinese cuisines to create some of the most unique fusion dishes.

At MIÁN , there are no gastronomic and geographical boundaries. Only “taste” in its purest form to resonate with the hearts and souls of our guests, and to pass it on to our future generations.

Restaurant Address:U/G floor in The Pavilion, The Murray Hong Kong, 22 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong
Restaurant Tel: 3563 6405
Restaurant Website: https://lubuds.com/zh/mian
紅棉,座落於 香港美利酒店,能擁抱如此富有歷史意義的地方,令紅棉同時肩負起一份傳承文化的使命感 。整個團隊於設計菜單時, 以「鮮」出發,憑著紅棉紮實的功底,藉以傳承5000年華夏博大精深的飲食文化。「不時不食」是紅棉團隊烹調出上好佳餚的奧秘及忠旨,紅棉致力網羅全香港本土最優質的食材,務求在最佳食用時間內為顧客呈現出最鮮,最滿足味蕾的原味道,並將中菜八大菜系融會貫通,取其精髓,創作出坊間少見的融合菜式。

餐廳地址:香港中環紅棉路22號 香港美利酒店平台亭樓
餐廳電話:3563 6405
餐廳網頁: https://lubuds.com/zh/mian