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Chef Chan Hon Cheong

One Harbour Road’s kitchen is helmed by Executive Chinese Chef Chan Hon-cheong, who started his culinary journey over 30 years ago. Before joining One Harbour Road in 2017, he had worked at various award-winning Chinese restaurants in luxury international hotel chains, including two-Michelin starred Chinese restaurant Ming Court at Cordis, Hong Kong. Chef Cheong strives to elevate and promote the time-honored tradition of Cantonese cuisine, lovingly prepared with the freshest ingredients sustainably sourced.

One Harbour Road “Chinese Omakase by Master Chef” Signature Set Menu

This menu features traditional Cantonese specialties with a modern twist by way of combining freshest ingredients, innovative cooking methods and creative presentations. Diners can enjoy an elevated version of some of One Harbour Road’s most famed creations, such as the deep-fried horsehead fish and the braised Australian sea cucumber and pomelo in puff pastry, both created by Chef Cheong using new techniques to reinvent traditional Cantonese cooking. The menu also includes dishes inspired by some of Chef Cheong’s favourite memories, including the boiled beancurd sheet soup in which the jelly-like pigeon eggs inside remind him of his childhood as his family used to sell eggs in a local market in Macau. Also inspired by his Macanese childhood is the sweetened rice flour rolls with young ginger, a traditional street food in Macau for diners to enjoy a taste of nostalgia.
$1,637.00 八道菜菜單 (每位)8-course Menu (per head)
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Capturing the old time splendor with elegance of a Taipan’s mansion in the 1930s, One Harbour Road serves authentic Cantonese cuisine refined by Executive Chinese Chef Chan Hon-cheong, who elevates time-honored traditions and techniques with the freshest ingredients and a creative presentation.

Restaurant Address:7/F & 8/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Restaurant Tel: 2584 7722
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餐廳電話:2584 7722