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Chef Tam Sek Lun / Chef Chow Fu Yap

Chef Tam Sek Lun, a dedicated Cantonese cuisine master, is also a renowned private chef in the socialites and celebrities’ circle. Chef Tam has been excelling for almost 50 years, he was promoted as an executive chef at the young age of 28 and received the prestigious one Michelin starred accolade in 2010. With his deep understanding of Chinese cuisine combined with his meticulous search for ingredients of uncompromising quality and freshness, Chef Tam is able to elevate the produce’s singular characteristic through the precise use of heat and technique. Every dish he cooks is ultimately a harmonious balance of taste and texture, that will offer diners the unmistakable taste of Cantonese Cuisine. Chef Tam the Executive Chinese Chef of Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel as well as a consultant mentor to the Executive Chef of Canton Bistro - Chow Fu Yap.

Chef Chow Fu Yap begins his career in hospitality after graduation. In the blink of an eye, Chef Chow Fu Yap has gained more than twenty years of experience, worked in many Chinese cuisine restaurants and held different positions. In 2011, Chef Chow Fu Yap joined Lai Sun Dining, under the guidance of Chef Tam and through his talent and perseverance, Chef Chow escalated from Sous Chef to Head Chef in just a few years, and was finally promoted as the Executive Chef of Canton Bistro, he is now leading a dedicated culinary team at Canton Bistro to craft a marvelous Cantonese cuisine, specializing in delicacies from Shunde.

Canton Bistro Omakase Menu

Canton Bistro Presents Classic Cantonese Cuisine

Chef Tam’s brilliant Cantonese cuisine preparation technique attracts Hong Kong tycoons, including leading tycoons originated from Shunde district, Shaoguan city and Shantou city. Chef Tam worked with Chef Chow for more than two years, during the period Chef Tam shared his techniques and believes on how to prepare dishes in the most authentic way to win the hearts of the customers. Chef Tam also passed on his experience and knowledge to the next generation and his culinary team including Chef Chow. 

Based on solid and authentic cooking techniques, this Chinese Omakase 2.0 menu is co-designed by both chefs, an excellent example is Canton Bistro’s signature dish - Shunde pan-fried fish mouth. To master this dish, Chef Tam had shared his full set of preparation techniques including the selection of ingredient, control of cooking temperature and cooking time with Chef Chow. The menu also includes an elevated version of Shunde minced fish soup, adding the seasonal Shanghai Crabmeat.

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Canton Bistro draws inspiration from the diverse food traditions from across the Guangdong region, specializing in dishes from the city of Shunde within the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel. Basking in a lively and convivial open kitchen environment, diners can tuck into a variety of regional culinary gems and refined classics, from stir-fries to the kitchen’s specialty, fresh water fish. Committed to bringing guests a quality hospitality experience, in respect and care of our environment, through a series of green initiatives designed to minimize the impact on our planet. Our team will endeavor to ensure that the management of its operation adheres to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

Restaurant Address:G/F, Club Wing, Ocean Park, Marriot Hotel, 180 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Restaurant Tel: 3555 1910
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餐廳電話:3555 1910